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  Article Posted On: (02/11/2015)
  1) Gene Simmons Tongue

Gene Simmons’ Tongue

Gene Simmons, is an Israeli-American rock bassist,singer,songwriter,musician,actor, and businessman.He was famously called “The Demon”, insured his tongue for $1 million.

2) Keith Richards of Rolling Stone Band

Keith Richards of Rolling Stone Band ()

Keith Richards ( Keith Richards, rhythm guitarist of the Rolling Stone, English musician,co-songwriter and founding member of the famous rock band, The Rolling Stone. Keith Richards had his middle finger, insured for $1.6 million, and considered his middle finger responsible for the 200 million album released and sold worldwide.

3) David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth () David Lee Roth was born in Indiana, USA. He is a famous singer and front man of the Van Halen Group, insured his “sperm”, for $1 million, because he was famously known of sticking out “something else”.

4) Ken Dodd’s Large Buck Teeth

Ken Dodd’s Famous Buckteeth ()

Ken Dodd Kenneth Arthur Dodd, a British comedian, singer and songwriter, became famous because of his “buckteeth”, freezy hair, feather duster for tickling stick and his catchphrases. He insured his buckteeth, for $7.4 million.

5) Merv Hughes, Australian Cricket Player

Merv Hughes, Australian Cricket Player ()

Merv Hughes with his Famous Walrus Mustache (

Merv Hughes Cricket Player wit Famous Walrus Mustache ( Merv Hughes, the Australian National Cricket team player, insured his Walrus mustache for $370,000.

6) Harvey Lowe, Yo-yo Master

Harvey Lowe, Yo-yo Champion ( Harvey Lowe, became the world’s yo-yo champion at age 13. Harvey Lowe is a Canadian Radio presenter and became yo-yo champion of the world, insured his hands for $150,000.

7) Egon Ronay

Egon Ronay, The World’s Famous Food Critic ( Egon Ronay, born in Budapest, Hungary was born food critic. He wrote and published the famous series of Guides to British and Irish restaurants and Hotels. He became a known innovator of Britain, during that time, they don’t appreciate much cuisine from other countries. He insured his money making “taste buds” for $375,000.

8) Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley in March 2010 ()

Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance Show () The Irish-American dancer, actor, choreographer, musician and sometimes television presenter, insured his legs for $47 million.

9) Bruce Springteen

Bruce Springteen ( Bruce Springteen’s voice is insured for $6 million dollars.

10.) Tom Jones

Tom Jones ( The famous singer, the myth and the legendary Tom Jones. here was rumor that his “chest hair”, is insured for $7 million dollars. (source:

11) Ben Turpin

Ben Turpin () Ben Turpin, a contemporary of Charlie Chaplain, became famous silent movie comedian actor becuase of his crosseyed . He bought a $25,000 insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London, payable if ever his eyes become normal or uncrossed.

12) David Beckham, Football Player

David Beckham, English Football Player ()

David Beckham () David Beckham, the English football player insured his feet and legs for $70 million.

13) Bassett Hound Dog,

Bassett Hound Dog, The Guiness Book of World Records, Longest Ear ( The Bassett hound dog, famous for his longest ears and recognized by Guiness Book of World Records, named Mr. Jeffries, ears measuring 29.2cm (11.5 in) owned by Phil Jeffries in England. Knightsfollie Ladiesman, Mr. Jeffries full name, long ears insured for 30,000 pounds ($47,800).

14)Wasp mental Anguish

Wasp Torment (Insurance Claim)( A wasp made its way up a driver’s pants, and the driver panic and stepped on the accelerator and had a slight accident, but was still conscious to keep his foot on the brake while waiting for the traffic light with cars ahead of him. And claims for the insurance because of the accident.

14) Monkey Harassment

Monkey Business ( A British tourist, claims for insurance to pay back his travel expenses, because he was harassed by a monkey. The insurer, refused to have anything to do with the incident; but was obliged to pay for damage of the camera in which the monkey had run off with him.

15) Zebra and Car Collision

Zebra and Car Collision ( A man claimed that the Zebra crashed with his car while he was at a Safari Park. The insurance company was aware of the aspect that the primal instinct of any animals, they will avoid or stay away from a vehicle which is loaded with passengers on a safari tour. And this is considered as one bizarre insurance claim.

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